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LUMINESCENCE was founded in 1987 as a specialised company dedicated solely to the manufacture of security inks and allied products. As a privately-owned, independent company they are able to operate free from external pressures or constraints.

This independence allows them to offer the utmost confidentiality and impartiality to their customers. They provide a personal, efficient service and sustain their record of innovation by investing a considerable proportion of our resources in research and development.

Their policy of promotion and development of personnel from within prevents the migration of information to external sources, thus maintaining the high security for which they are renowned. Security Inks are a highly effective and cost-efficient method of protecting value documents and products against fraud.

LUMINESCENCE have developed ink systems that can be employed to detect counterfeiting, alteration and unauthorized trading. Their anti-amendment and anti-counterfeiting features can be detected visually or machine-read. They manufacture customised inks to meet the diverse technical demands of security printers. From stamping inks and electoral stains to high-speed web and intaglio processes, LUMINESCENCE’s years of expertise gives users confidence that they can achieve the specifications and quality levels required. LUMINESCENCE produce inks for use in ID systems, fiscal stamps, currencies, banks cheques, financial documents, elections, tickets and pharma/brand protection.

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